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The Breakdown On Choosing a Yacht Rental in Florida

yacht rental in Florida

Are you thinking about a yacht rental in Florida? You are going to have the adventure of a lifetime, but you’re going to do so in a luxury boat that most people can only dream about.

But, when you’re making the arrangements for your yacht rental, there are somethings that you need to ensure you avoid. There’s no need to worry, though. In this guide, we’re going to provide you with the most common mistakes that are made and how to avoid them when securing your yacht rental.

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1. Not Checking for Damages

Before you board the yacht, one of the first things that you need to do is check the boat for damages. When you don’t take the time to look the boat over, you could risk being charged for damages that you’re not responsible for.

Arrive ahead of your scheduled event and take the time to walk throughout the boat before it leaves the dock. If you want to go the extra mile, you can have one of the crew members walk the boat with you as you complete your initial inspection.

If you do find any damages to the yacht, take pictures of the damages in case you need to prove that the damages were there before your event.

2. Failing to Consider the Size of Your Group

Another common mistake made when securing a yacht rental is not considering the size of your party. People find that they rent a boat and people arrive for the event only to realize that there’s not enough space for everyone to be comfortable during the ride.

Before finalizing your rental paperwork, ask the rental agent how many people can be comfortably on board. If you’re having an event where there will be a large number of people, you will likely face higher fees to accommodate everyone.

On the opposite end of that, if you’re having a small group of people join you on the yacht, you will want to save money by renting a yacht that will fit the needs of you and your group.

3. Skipping the Insurance

Whenever people see insurance offers, whether, for a new dishwasher or retail product, there’s always a split moment where you consider not getting the insurance. When it comes to renting a yacht, the last thing you want to do is skip out on the insurance offered by the rental company.

If you have an accident while on the yacht, you’ll be left with the bill if you didn’t pay the extra money for the insurance. Before you take your trip, ensure that you understand what the insurance covers. That way, you’ll know you’re protected no matter what happens while you’re out at sea.

4. Selecting the Wrong Boat

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people choose the wrong type of boat for their event. There are a variety of boats that all have different purposes, so make sure you choose one that matches the activities you have planned during your adventure.

If you’re wanting to get off the boat to go snorkeling or cave fishing, there’s a specific type of boat for that. If you want to enjoy the sights while moving calmly through the water, there is a boat for that as well.

Before you complete your yacht rental, you need to ask what boat is suggested based on your plans.

5. Not Knowing How to Operate the Boat

Unless you choose the package that includes having someone drive the boat for you, you’re going to need to know how to operate it. Some yacht rental companies will require you to complete a short boating course. This will ensure that you know everything you need to know before your event.

If you want to enjoy the yacht, you can always pay the extra fee to have a captain and crew aboard to attend to you and your guests. This staff is there to make the trip more comfortable by providing meals and helping with activities that you’d like to partake in while on your journey.

6. Not Asking About Yacht Rental Fees

Before completing your rental reservation, you need to ask the company what’s included in the rental fees. Some companies may include yacht maintenance fees to ensure the boat has been cleaned properly before and after your event.

You might also have to pay a reservation deposit to lock in your rental and pay the rest of the amount before your scheduled rental is to occur. You will also need to ask what the cost of renting the boat is if you intend to have the rental for more than one day.

Also, there will be the cost of having staff and crew aboard to help during your trip. The best way to understand all of these costs is to have the company provide you with a list of everything included in the package you’ve selected for your particular rental.

Knowing everything included will keep you from being surprised by hidden fees once you’ve received your final bill after you’ve returned from your voyage. It can also help you select a better rental company if the prices you’re quoted aren’t reasonable.

Yacht Rental in Florida Explained

When it comes to securing a yacht rental in Florida, you need to know all of these mistakes to ensure that you don’t make them. From renting the wrong size boat to not checking for damages, these mistakes can cost you money that you don’t want to lose.

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