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Yacht Party Attire: Full Breakdown

yacht party attire

Your clothing choices not only reflect your sense of style. They also have the power to influence your mood and enhance your self-esteem.

For this reason, many people struggle when figuring out what to wear. This is especially true when it comes to extra special events like a yacht party. Yet, style and comfort are the keys to any boat-related outfit.

So, wondering what to wear on your next yachting experience? Here is your guide for the best yacht party attire so you can set sail in style.

Be Subtle, Yet Stylish

Many people wonder what to wear to a boat party. Always think about the event type when planning your outfit. A casual day trip calls for different attire than a nighttime dinner party.

The key is to dress for comfort to make it easier to get on and off the boat. This is best for lounging around on deck or visiting the best boating destinations.

Popular choices include attire in all-white, neutrals, or bright colors. Nautical colors or the classic Breton stripe pattern are also popular for sailing.

Classic combinations include a button-up shirt paired with white jeans. Women also wear chic maxi dresses or sundresses.

Yet, be sure the dress length isn’t too long or this could cause a tripping hazard. A wrap-dress makes it easy to get in and out of for sunbathing or swimming as well.

Other options include a loose blouse with comfortable shorts, capris, or a flowy skirt. Bathing suit cover-ups like kaftans, kimonos, and sarongs are ideal.

Men tend to wear shorts, slacks, or swim trunks. Pair these with a button-up shirt or collared polo for a stylish look.

It’s important to choose simple accessories that won’t get caught in anything. Wind and water can become an issue for heavier or more delicate jewelry.

Hats help block the sun out when on a boat. Yet, if it’s a windy day you could lose this item at sea. It’s best to go with a tight-fitting hat or one with a strap.

Many top designers offer seasonal cruise collections. These consist of the perfect stylish pieces to wear aboard a yacht.

Look to popular brands like J. Crew, Henri Lloyd, and Zimmermann. Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, and Musto can also provide inspiration.

Go Lighter to Stay Cooler

Boat attire is best in lighter colors and materials. This keeps you from overheating in the hot sun.

Materials like linen and cotton are ideal choices. Linen helps you you to sweat less and absorbs moisture to keep you more comfortable.

Darker colors like black attract the sun more. So, opt for neutral colors in white, cream, or tan.

Bright colors are also ideal and look great in coral, green, and light pinks and blues. Classic blue and white color themes are popular when sailing. Have fun pairing different materials, textures, patterns, and colors for your outfit.

Think About Your Footwear

So, what to wear on a yacht when it comes to footwear? Proper shoes are always key as even the safest yachts may have slippery surfaces.

Although chic, high heels are not ideal on a boat. If you’re looking for shoes to add height, wedges are a better option than stilettos. Flats or sandals are easy to slip on and off if you plan to get into the water.

Many yacht guests may prefer going barefoot for better comfort. Yet, be sure to check the boat rules before doing this.

Men’s soft-soled boat shoes are always a perfect footwear option. Brands like Sperry, Sebago, or Dubarry offer comfortable and stylish boat wear. It’s always best to avoid shoes with black soles as these can scuff the deck.

Bring Layers for Later on

Boating attire should also work to help keep you warm when the temperatures change. If you plan to sail into the night it’s important to bring a jacket or vest.

A windbreaker jacket is another essential yacht wardrobe item to bring. These items also help to cut down on wind-chill during the day.

A cozy sweater, cardigan, wrap, or lightweight scarf can also work well on a yacht. These items are good for keeping the sun off your shoulders as well.

Another smart piece of clothing to pack is a long-sleeved shirt. This will help protect your skin if you start to burn from being on the boat all day. You can even get these made in materials that add extra UV protection.

Pack a Tote

Women’s yachting outfits should always come paired with a large and stylish tote bag. A natural material like woven rope or straw will add texture to your outfit.

Totes are ideal for bringing along all your essentials. These bags are also much easier to carry around than a handbag or clutch.

Fill your tote with key items to pack for a yacht trip or event. This includes a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Hair accessories, bottled water, and a magazine or book are other essentials.

Experts recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Packing polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes from damaging rays as well.

Include a spare pair of underwear or boxers if you’re wearing your swimsuit under your clothes.

Staying Stylish and Comfortable in Your Yacht Party Attire

This guide will help you select the best yacht party attire for your upcoming trip. Yachts are perfect for corporate functions, private parties, or a romantic sunset cruise. But be sure to dress for style and comfort to have the best possible experience.

So, ready to set sail? Learn more about other ways to enhance your yachting trip with Go Charter Tampa.

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