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Renting A Yacht? Get Easy Boat Food Ideas

boat food ideas

It’s so fun and exciting to rent a boat and to head out on the high seas, a serene lake, or a gently flowing river. The wind is in your hair and the laughs come easy with some music that you love as the soundtrack and some of your favorite people as your companions.

There’s nothing quite like being on a boat on a beautiful day.

While you’re out there exploring, though, your appetite will soon come knocking. Hunger comes fast in the great outdoors, and you need to be ready for it with some great boat food ideas.

Sure, you could just pick up some sandwiches from a deli on the way, but you can do better than that. A great menu tailormade to the occasion will make the memories of a wonderful day on the water even more memorable and special.

Read on for some mouth-watering suggestions for your day out on the boat. There’s something for every palate here.

Tips for Boat Food

Eating on a boat is similar but different from eating on land. Because the boat is moving, and because space is limited, there are certain things you should keep in mind when planning your snacks and packing your bag, containers, and cooler.

Keep It Simple

Don’t overthink your plans for food on the boat. Consider incorporating some of the boat food ideas described in this post, but don’t go overboard (no pun intended). You don’t want to make anything too complicated and you definitely don’t want to bring anything that is messy. Stick with simple, tasty treats that everyone will enjoy.

Pre-Prep Everything

On the boat, there will be very limited space for combining ingredients or cutting up anything. It’s best to do these things at home. Have everything pre-made for the most part, so passengers can just grab what they want and eat.

Finger Food Is King

You’ll have the easiest time enjoying your boat food if you bring mostly finger foods. No one wants to have to deal with plates and utensils on a boat. Instead, choose things that are easy to pop into your mouth between swim sessions or before casting your next line.

The Right Containers Will Make Your Day

Everything you bring should be brought in a proper container to make the organization and storage easier. If the water gets rough or if it starts to rain, you can just put the tops back on and stow the food until the time comes to eat again.

Remember Necessary Extras

As mentioned above, it’s better to avoid foods that require utensils for eating, but if you do choose foods that may need them, don’t forget to pack forks, knives, or spoons. Also, it’s easy to forget things like paper towels, napkins, and garbage bags, but you’ll be happy to have them if you bring them along.

Keep Your Cooler Shaded

If you’re bringing a cooler to keep food and beverages cold, keep it in the shade as much as possible. The sun is strong out on the water. If you aren’t careful, your ice will be melted by lunchtime.

Don’t Drink and Boat

Most importantly, don’t drink alcohol and drive a boat. Driving a boat while drunk or even buzzed is dangerous for you, your passengers, and everyone else out on the water. You can get a DWI for driving a boat while intoxicated. Don’t do it. Designate a sober driver when you rent a boat.

Awesome Boat Food Ideas

There are so many great foods you can bring on a charter boat that everyone will enjoy. You’re sure to get hungry out there so bring a variety of different things and you will never get bored as you eat and float the day away.

Easy, No-Prep, Handheld Snacks

There are so many simple snacks you can bring onboard that require no prior preparation by you. Nuts provide energy and help you feel full fast. Store-bought granola bars achieve these results as well.

Chips and salsa only require you to open a bag and a jar and they’re ready to go. Popcorn is an easy-to-graze snack you can enjoy all day but remember, it will make you and your passengers thirsty, too.

All kinds of cookies are enjoyable on a boat, but keep them in the shade or in your cooler or some may result in a melty mess. Muffins and energy balls are other tasty sweet treats that are quick and easy to eat also.

Fresh or dried fruit are also good to bring along and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. There’s nothing quite like a juicy apple or orange on a hot day.


Almost everyone loves peanut butter and jelly, so might as well make a loaf’s worth, pack them in zipper bags for snacking throughout the day.

You can also make deli sandwiches ahead of time and package them the same way for easy consumption. To make a lot of sandwiches fast, consider using long submarine sandwich rolls, or a package of Hawaiian rolls. For either, you can lay out your meat, cheese, and condiments all at once, and then slice into individual treats.

You can also make pulled pork or sloppy joes in a crockpot and when the time comes to depart, just bring the whole thing with you. The food will stay warm if you keep the lid on. When you’re ready to eat, just spoon the meat onto hamburger rolls on board.

Deli salads are also great for boats. You can keep homemade or store-bought chicken salad or tuna salad in the cooler and make sandwiches as hunger strikes.

Corn on the Cob

If you have a very clean or brand new cooler, you can make a bunch of corn on the cob all at once. Just shuck it, put it in the cooler, add boiling water, and close the lid. You’ll have perfectly cooked corn in no time.

Thermos Hot Dogs

You can do the same thing with hot dogs in a thermos. Hot dogs are precooked, so when you make them you are just heating them up anyway. Fill a thermos with very hot water and add the hot dogs. Put the top back on and they’re warm and ready when you are.

Happy Boating

Now that you have a whole list of the very best boat food ideas, it’s time to get out there on the water. Pack some treats and get ready for a fantastic day. You won’t have to worry about getting hungry anymore!

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