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Your Next Party Should Be on A Yacht

party on a yacht

You work hard, and now it’s time to party harder.

Thinking about work on Monday turns your stomach. You’re worn from the constant routine of making morning coffee, hurrying to the office, and making it home late after errands. You love your job, but you need a mental escape.

The grind of life has almost caused you to forget how to have fun. Why not throw a party with friends and family? Better yet, why not throw a party on a yacht?

A yacht party is the best way to let loose, have fun, and celebrate with your loved ones. Below is a quick guide on how to have an unforgettable yacht party so make sure to keep reading.

Decide on a Budget

The quickest way to kill a party buzz is realizing you maxed out your credit card. Avoid this by creating a budget and sticking to it when planning the yacht party.

Depending on location, time of year, number of guests, and services offered, yacht rental prices span across a large scale. Take a good look at your bank account, and decide what the best plan of action is.

Fully investigate what each available yacht package includes. Does it come with bottle service? How many hours are you paying for in the package?

However, don’t get so excited about planning an extravagant party that you forget your electricity bill. Create a budget sheet to help keep everything in line.

Create Your Guest List

Once your money is sorted, you can start having a little more fun in the planning process. It’s time to create a guest list. If you’re going to party on a yacht, party with the right people.

If you’re wanting to throw a party just for fun, focus on inviting close friends and some family members you know like to let loose. Don’t worry about inviting people you know will bring the energy down.

While creating your list, keep numbers in mind. Depending on the packages you purchase and the size of the boat, each yacht has a maximum number of people you can invite. Don’t over-invite and step on any toes!

Choose a Theme and Dress Code

It’s time to fully step into your creative mode. It’s time to select a theme and dress code for the party.

When choosing a theme for the party, you want something that everyone can enjoy without it being too cheesy or restrictive. Consider going with something on the more elegant side if you’re wanting to do a nighttime cruise with cocktails. Opt for bathing suits and a nautical theme if you want to dance under the sun all day.

The best idea is to find a happy medium. Don’t choose something so fancy that people feel uncomfortable in tight dresses and suits, but don’t choose something too informal. You don’t want to end up hosting a college party.

Popular themes also include a Las Vegas casino night, a city night under the stars, and ultra-chic complete with champagne and finger foods.

If you don’t feel like choosing a theme, allow your guests to choose their own attire. Most people wear flowy clothing and lighter colors. You can suggest a dress code on your invites if you prefer to offer at least some guidance!

No matter what, be the example at the party. Dress for a successful party.

Never Forget Food and Drink

Without the right food and drink, you’ll watch your party sink. It’s one of the most crucial parts of the party.

In a private boat rental, you have a large control over the menu. Many yachts come with their own chef and food set-up. Many also offer the option of having open bars for the guests.

A lot of what will be served depends on your budget. When committing to a yacht party, make sure you have plenty set aside to have plenty of yummy bites and good drinks.

Don’t feel pressured to have a full sit-down meal on the yacht. Get creative with finger foods and appetizers. People can grab and go with fun throughout the entire event.

As far as the bar, the world is your oyster. Invest in a full premium bar with liquor, beer, and wine, or only serve beer and wine. If you don’t want to offer a wide range of liquor, offer a couple of pre-selected signature cocktails.

Some people may want to bring their own drinks. Check with the rental company before giving out any information regarding food and drink.

Set Up Mini Experiences

Keep the guests entertained by setting up mini experiences around the boat.

Hire an amazing DJ. Music is a must at any party, and work with the DJ on creating a vibe for the whole party. Make sure there’s space for dancing.

You need to also set up a small photo area. Create a backdrop somewhere on the boat with props they can hold for quick snaps for Instagram. Consider creating a hashtag everyone can use.

Come up with games guests can play, and designate a small area of the boat to play these games. You can even leave decks of cards or board games out on small tables.

Lastly, always have plenty of places guests can lounge throughout the event. Many people will choose to sit and chat throughout the party, and they may want a space further away from the music.

Party On a Yacht and Make It Unforgettable

Create an event to remember by renting throwing a party on a yacht. There’s hardly anything more fun than hanging out on a boat with the people you care most about.

Make sure you fully understand your budget and create a solid guest list. Once those things are decided, pick out a theme and dress code. Never forget the food and drink, and offer plenty of extra experiences of fun once people are aboard.

Now that you’re convinced you need to throw a yacht party, make sure to check out our site for the best charter service. Book now to set up the event of your dreams.

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