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Corporate Bonding: 8 Great Team Outing Ideas

team outing ideas

Go Charter Tampa’s 8 Team Out Ideas For 2020

According to Forbes, team building activities are the most important investment you’ll make.

Company outings make every workday more enjoyable, your team will collaborate better, and your outings give your team something to look forward to.

But what should you and your team do? There are many great company outing ideas that give your team the opportunity to have fun and bond.

Whether you want to focus on professional skill-building activities or focus on having fun, here are 8 fun and unique team outing ideas.

9 Team Outing Ideas

1. Game Tournaments

Is everyone on your staff a video game nerd? Maybe you all love playing D&D? Or you can’t resist a good board game?

Many places hold game tournaments. It’s common to see board game nights promoted at breweries. Local video gaming stores host gaming nights to compete with others.

Taking advantage of these events will help your team bond over interests outside of the office.

You can also create your own game night. Rent a space at a brewery. You can also choose your favorite lunch spot or a coffee shop (if you prefer the non-alcoholic activities) and bring your favorite board games.

You can also find a barcade or other places with old school arcade games and compete over some Pac Man.

2. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is the classic staff outing game but it never gets old. Divide your staff into teams and lay down clues around your office or even in your whole city.

You can create your own scavenger hunt or you can buy a scavenger hunt product.

There are many types of scavenger hunts. You can lead your staff on a journey to win a prize. You can also set down different challenges they have to complete.

3. Improv Night

Can’t resist an improv show such as Whose Line Is It Anyway? Improv offers many benefits. It improves your communication, decision making, and collaboration skills. Improv is also fun and you tap into your silly side.

Did you know you can learn improv? You can by attending an improv workshop. Professionals can train you and set up competitions for the whole office.

Sure, you may not play “scenes from a hat.” But improv is an incredible team bonding activity that strengthens your soft skills.

4. Cook-Off

Do you have some impressive chefs and bakers on your team? Research cook-offs in your local area. If your staff is skilled in the specific category (such as BBQ or desserts) then enter your team in.

You can even host a cook-off! If you’re attending a staff potluck or a party, entice your staff to bring in their best creations.

Assign a taste tester (such as the CEO), to judge whose dish is the best. Offer a reward such as a gift card.

You can also take the cook-off activity into a “MasterChef” or “Chopped” vibe and create specific challenges.

Challenge your team members to prepare specific dishes (such as salsa or cookies) and see who creates the best one. You can also require each team member uses one specific ingredient, such as honey or breadcrumbs.

Don’t like the competition aspect? Book a cooking class for your staff. You can all learn delicious new recipes, improve cooking skills, and bond over food.

5. Trivia Night

Does your favorite restaurant or brewery host a trivia night? This is the perfect activity for your staff!

Sure, it seems cliché. Trivia provides a good brain workout while your team can collaborate, improving the bonding experience. Many trivia events offer amazing prizes and perks. If your team wins, you all can even win a prize!

Reward your staff by taking them to trivia night and paying for the tab.

You have a few trivia options. If your team is small enough, you can attend a public trivia and participate with other players. Some locations may even offer private parties so the whole office can participate.

6. Karaoke

Are there singers on your staff? Karaoke night is the perfect outing — even for the employees who can’t hold a tune.

Make the night more unpredictable by not letting each staff member select the songs they sing. You can also create pairs so each staff member can sing a duet. Encourage staff members to dress up in silly costumes.

Create a competition by offering a prize for the best singers.

Many bars and restaurants host karaoke nights regularly. Look up local karaoke events and practice your vocals!

7. Go-Kart Racing

Who can say no to go-kart racing? If you’re looking for fun competition ideas, go-kart racing offers an adrenaline kick and the need for speed while enhancing the interaction between your staff members.

Go-kart is a non-traditional office activity, so your staff can focus on having fun rather than the stresses of the office.

However, everyone’s safety is your biggest priority. Ensure everyone listens to the safety instructions. Choose a reliable go-kart racing establishment.

8. Dinner Yacht

Sometimes, you don’t want to focus on team activities and building professional skills.

You just want to sit back with your staff members with a nice meal and maybe some drinks. Instead of settling for a restaurant, go all out and rent a dinner yacht.

A dinner yacht includes a five-star meal and a full bar. There are staff members all around to serve you. You’ll get a beautiful view of the water while you party like a celebrity.

You can also rent a yacht for a specific event, such as a holiday party or even a celebratory purpose.

Team Outing Ideas: Rent a Yacht Today

There are many team outing ideas to boost your staff bonding initiatives. Do you love the idea of renting a yacht? If your business is based near the water, your staff will love a relaxing day on a beautiful yacht.

Are you based in Tampa, Florida? Contact us to book your yacht. We have services for corporate events.

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