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COVID-19 Restrictions Mean for Boat Charters Tampa

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COVID-19 is changing everything from how we shop for groceries to our ability to travel. Keep reading to find the breakdown on

While restrictions are still in place around the world, many of us are finding new ways to enjoy the same activities and adventures we did before the virus.

Boat charters in Tampa may look different now than they did just months ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great time. Keep reading to learn some of the changes you should expect to see today.

Capping Capacity

One of the biggest ways that all-inclusive yacht charters have changed following the spread of COVID-19 is a cap on capacity.

It isn’t just yacht charters that are facing caps. Restaurants, hotels, and even your corner grocery store are all limiting the number of people who can be in any given space at once.

By limiting capacity, visitors and guests are given more space to spread out and limit their direct contact with one another.

How many guests you’ll be able to invite on your next yacht charter event or party will depend on the size and layout of the vessel.

As a general rule, gatherings of more than 250 people, even in a space that offers space for social distancing, are discouraged or even prohibited in some areas.

For groups that could be considered high-risk, such as older adults, gatherings of more than just 10 people should be avoided at this time.

Weddings and parties have gotten a bad rep in recent months for causing the further spread of the virus. But keeping these events small and intimate makes it possible to still celebrate and spend time together without causing an outbreak.

Choosing Your Guest List Carefully

Besides limiting the number of people invited to your gathering on your yacht charter, you’ll also want to carefully consider who makes your guest list.

Individuals who are high-risk should not attend any gatherings of people outside of family members that they have already been exposed to. Anyone with underlying medical conditions should also avoid gatherings of any size.

The best way to limit the spread of the virus at this time is to keep your guest list local or choose individuals who you have already had contact with.

For instance, taking your family members along for an afternoon of cruising the coast of Tampa is a better choice than inviting friends from around the country to come together in a tight space.

If you are choosing to invite individuals who have not already been in contact with one another, you might choose to lower the overall number of guests you plan to invite.

This will help give you even more space to spread out.

Encouraging Social Distancing

No matter how many people you invite or who makes your guest list, social distancing onboard the yacht is another change that you should expect for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve visited most grocery stores lately, you’ve likely seen social distancing procedures in place. Besides limiting capacity, many stores are putting arrows down on the floor to direct traffic in one direction.

Some are even closing down aisles or making them one-direction to keep people from passing one another or crowding in a tight space.

Similar measures may be in place during your yacht charter as well.

Rooms or spaces that are too small may be closed or may be designed to direct foot traffic to other areas.

Increasing Cleaning and Sanitization Practices

While not being able to invite as many people or having to practice social distancing while onboard will be obvious changes to your next yacht charter, others may be less so.

Behind the scenes of your charter, the charter staff is doing their part to help keep you and your guests safe and healthy.

Cleaning and sanitizing practices have been increased on every vessel. Every high-traffic surface is being constantly wiped down and cleaned.

Buffet spreads may be swapped for plated meals to help limit hand-to-hand contact. Hand sanitizer stations and signage reminding guests to wash their hands may also be present throughout the yacht and its common areas.

Travel Restrictions

When the coronavirus first started its worldwide spread earlier this year, Spring Break travel plans were the first thing to go.

With entire cruise ships getting locked down at sea because of outbreaks and travelers struggling to get home from resorts and destinations around the world, it quickly became apparent that traveling for fun this spring wasn’t in the cards.

Then, when COVID-19 didn’t go away just a couple of months later, summer travel plans were the next to go.

Even now, months after most of us first heard about the virus, travel is still far from “normal.” For U.S. citizens thinking about traveling internationally, there are only a handful of countries open at this time.

And those that are open have heavy restrictions on where tourists can and can’t go. You might even face lengthy mandatory quarantines if you choose to visit.

If you had your heart set on chartering a boat this summer, many international destinations are off-limits. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get that summer vacation that you’re dreaming of.

Domestic yacht charters offer the same level of luxury and beautiful ocean views, but with fewer travel restrictions. Florida yacht charters can be a great way to escape with friends and family while still practicing safe social-distancing.

COVID-19 and Boat Charters in Tampa

COVID-19 has certainly changed how we travel in 2020–and even whether we are able to travel at all.

But while the coronavirus is still very much present, it is possible to get away and enjoy some quality time with friends, family, and coworkers.

If you’re ready to book boat charters in Tampa, fill out our Event Plan Inquiry Form today to learn more about the packages we offer, as well as current procedures in place to protect guests during COVID-19.

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