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Best Places to Go in Florida With a Yacht Charter

florida yacht charter

A Florida yacht charter is the best way to enjoy the open waters without having to own a boat. You can rent a yacht for the day and explore the ocean at your own pace, just like you would on a personal boat. Being in Florida, there’s much to explore after setting sail.

There’s an endless amount of islands, keys, and other stops that you won’t want to miss. In fact, there are so many great coastal areas to take your yacht to that you’ll need an entire month if not more to hit every stop. Although Florida is home to many wonderful boating locations, we’ve narrowed down the options for you.

In our list below, we’ve put together some of the best of the best stops to make while boating in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area. Grab your cooler and put on your swim trunks! Here’s everything you need to know about some of the best places to take your yacht.

Shell Key Preserve

Shell Key is the perfect location for boaters looking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The key is located in the mouth of Tampa Bay and allows you to pull your boat right up to the shore. Once there, you can anchor your boat and enjoy music and relaxing in the water.

Bring your favorite water floats and other fun water toys for the children. Do keep in mind, however, that there are no restrooms, snack bars, or lifeguards here. For some, it’s an ideal location because they’d rather stay away from highly populated areas.

When the tide is just right, you’ll even find some sandbars along your way. Be sure to stop and explore as starfish, blue crabs, and other marine life lurk nearby. If a nice and relaxing boat trip is what you have in mind, then be sure to make a stop here.

John’s Pass

If you want a good spot to hang out on your boat and explore off the boat, then you’ll want to make a stop at John’s Pass. John’s Pass is a boardwalk located on Madeira Beach. The boardwalk is filled with different shops and restaurants.

These types of shops and restaurants aren’t like other places you’ll find in the local malls. Most of these places are privately owned and offer unique items for sale. You can also take part in different tours and other fun activities here.

When you’re ready to call it a day, jump back on your yacht and head home.

Beer Can Island

Beer Can Island is also known as Pine Key. When you’re looking for it on a map, that’s the name you’ll find. If you want to ask a local about it, then you’ll need to refer to it as Beer Can Island.

This island is only accessible via boat. It’s also a quite popular place for boater’s to throw their anchors down at. If you’re looking for more of a party scene, then this is your place.

Many boaters stop here to have a few drinks, dance to great music and meet some new boater friends.

Shepard’s Beach Resort

Shepard’s Beach Resort is a resort located on Clearwater Beach. Although boats can’t pull up to the shoreline, they can drop their anchors down nearby and complete a short swim to get to shore. Jet skis are available to rent even to those not staying at the resort.

Be sure to put your name on the list early in the morning, though, as the wait can get quite long. Shepard’s is another party scene with several bars and live music. There’s also a restaurant in the resort that you can order food from.

Weedon Island Sandbar

Weedon Island Sandbar is in St. Petersburg not too far from the Gandy Bridge. Boaters love to bring their boats right up to the sandbar, anchor them, and then enjoy the cool water.

On a nice day, you’ll find multiple boats anchored here and having fun. Nearby, you’ll see kayakers traveling through mangrove forests and plenty of wildlife. The great thing about the sandbar is you can enjoy the ocean without having to be shoulder-deep in water.

Whiskey Joe’s

Whiskey Joe’s is located off of the Courtney Cambell Causeway in Tampa. It’s a party destination where you can find a younger crowd. Stop here to grab a few drinks and eat a good meal before heading back out on the water.

If you want to stay awhile, then you can enjoy a few outdoor activities such as cornhole and get cozy by the fire pit after the sun goes down. It’s a great place to watch the sunset with good company.

Egmont Key

If you love history and love exploring, then Egmont Key is a must-see for you. It’s located in the mouth of Tampa Bay and can only be reached by boat.

Here, there’s tons of wildlife to be on the lookout for. There’s also a lighthouse and a fort from the 1800s. When stopping here, make a day of it by bringing a cooler and a blanket for a beach picnic.

Don’t forget your binoculars as well!

Why Not Rent a Florida Yacht Charter Today?

When’s the last time you were able to explore Florida’s oceans at your own pace? It’s time to rent a Florida yacht charter today and explore all of these wonderful destinations listed above.

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