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9 Unique Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party ideas

9 Unique Bachelor Party Ideas For 2020


Your best friend has asked you to do him the honor of being the best man at his wedding. Of course, you told him, yes but now you’re tasked with planning his bachelor party. You could take him out to a bar but you want to do something a little more unique. Keep reading to find out 9 unique bachelor party ideas for 2020.

There are plenty of ways to put a spin on the classic bar party. Why not rent a charter and go out on the water for the evening or take him to get alcohol and steak at a swanky steakhouse?

These are only suggestions. There are more unique things that you could do. To help you plan a night that your best friend will never forget, check out our guide of unforgettable bachelor party ideas!

1. Have a Vegas Night 

Not everyone can afford to buy plane tickets to go to Vegas. Even if you could, you’ll have to get a hotel and purchase food while you’re there. It can be a bit expensive, to say the least.

That’s why you should consider bringing Vegas to your friend instead. Host a poker night at someone’s house, set up an open bar, and order food from the bachelor’s favorite restaurant.

2. Steakhouse Dinner 

Treat the bachelor to a dinner he will never forget. Take him to the best steakhouse around for a juicy steak and all the fancy wine he can drink.

Steakhouses can be a little expensive depending on what you order and where you go. Perhaps try to get everyone in your party to pitch in a little so the bachelor can enjoy himself without worrying about money.

3. Charter a Boat  

Do you not own a boat? No problem. You can charter a boat for an unforgettable night on the water.

You can charter the boat for a few hours or for an entire day. Whatever you do,  you’re in for a treat. Some charter companies even offer party packages that come with a fully stocked bar.

They’ll even handle the planning for you. All you’ve got to do is bring yourselves and get ready to have a blast.

4. Go to the Beach

There are a ton of fun things that you can get up to when having a beach bachelor party. There’s an entire ocean to swim in, you could set up a net and play beach volleyball, and if the rules allow you can bring a grill and cook food.

Add a few beers into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable day or weekend if you want to rent out a beach house. Just don’t forget the sunscreen or the party will be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

5. Go Play Golf

If the bachelor enjoys a good game of golf then this could be an interesting party idea. It can be fun and a little competition never hurt anyone. If you can swing it, consider going to a resort for the weekend.

A lot of them have more amenities than only golf. They also have cold drinks, tasty food, and pools.

6. Camping

Sometimes the best time you can have is miles away from civilization in the woods. you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors and you can make as much noise as you want without dealing with noise complaints.

If you want to blast music or run a blender to make drinks all you’ll need is a battery generator to get the party going. If the bachelor is a little more adventurous you don’t have to stick with only camping.

You can go on a hike, do a little mountain biking, fish, or go rock climbing before you settle down at the campsite for the evening.

7. Road Trip

There is nothing quite like hopping in a car and driving as far as your gas will take you. This adventure into the unknown is the perfect idea for a unique bachelor party.

If you feel like you need a bit more structure there is nothing wrong with planning your route with Google Maps. You can map out the trip and pick out any unique sites you think the bachelor would want to see.

Just make sure you leave a little wiggle room in your itinerary. The bachelor may want to see or do something you didn’t plan for and it is his party after all.

8. VIP Room  

If the bachelor isn’t one for clubbing then you can take him around to different bars in your area.

If he doesn’t mind clubs then you can rent out a nice VIP room in an exclusive club. VIP rooms don’t come cheap though. Like with the steakhouse ask everyone if they can chip in to make the experience more fun.

9. Game Night 

Is the bachelor a big old nerd? They may appreciate a game night at home. Grab some alcohol, order takeout, and kill each other in your favorite multiplayer videogame or board game.

If you want to play something that will sort of allow you all to work together then this would be the perfect time to try D&D or some other tabletop game. It may take a while to get started but it’s a ton of fun.

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas For a Night to Remember 

Have you been tasked with being your best friend’s best man? You’ll have a lot of duties. One of them being, to plan an amazing bachelor party.

Consider trying out one of the bachelor party ideas listed here for a unique night that nobody will forget anytime soon.

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